Agenda and Materials Needed for a
Shidduch Meeting

Leader should bring along:

  • Sefer Tehillim
  • Siddur
  • The message from L’Chaim to be read at Shidduch Meetings
  • Sign In Sheets
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Copies of Information to be Supplied at a Shidduch Meeting
  • Copies of “Important L’Chaim Contact Information”


  1. The meeting leader should call upon one or two secretaries to be responsible to write complete notes of the meeting for future reference. A copy of the attendance sheets should be emailed to L'Chaim at or faxed to 845-426-0567. This will allow L’Chaim to contact attendees regarding future events.
  2. Pass around the Sign In sheets
  3. One volunteer should lead the group in 1-2 Kapitluch of Tehilim.Suggestions: Verses 20 and 120. This should be followed by recitation of Achenu Kol Bais Yisroel(to be found in the Siddur before Ashrei)
  4. The meeting leader should call upon one or two secretaries responsible to write complete notes of the meeting. This information should be retained by the leader for future reference. Sponsors (with the permission of the singles) and/or the presented singles themselves should be encouraged to enter the singles information on our website,
  5. Presentation of Singles This should last about 1 hour and should be based on Information to be Supplied
  6. Read speech, if available, for this Shidduch Event
  7. Resume presentation of singles


L'Chaim Shidduch Organization was established 30 years ago and continues to facilitate the bringing together of  compatible Orthodox Jewish singles. Our focus and end goal is the building of Jewish families.