How to Organize a Tehillim Group

Much has been written and said about the potency of our Tefilos. Groups in such places as Passaic, New Jersey, Oak Park, Michigan, and Monsey, New York, have, B”H, seen incredible results in terms of the number of Shidduchim made through this means.

We urge YOU to organize groups of eighteen singles to daven on behalf of one another. Each single should be provided with a copy of the Tehillim Form. The organizer is responsible for amending the list every time there is a Choson/Kallah.

L’Chaim eagerly awaits feedback as to the success of this project. To notify L’Chaim of the establishment of your Tehillim group and to provide periodic updates that result in Shidduchim, please contact us at:

Mail information
L’Chaim, 241 Viola Road
Monsey, NY 10952


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Link to Tehillim Form

L'Chaim Shidduch Organization was established 30 years ago and continues to facilitate the bringing together of  compatible Orthodox Jewish singles. Our focus and end goal is the building of Jewish families.