How to setup a L'Chaim Shidduch Meeting

    How to Run a L’ChaimShidduch Meeting

                  Hostess/Leader Should Prepare the Following:


    How to Run a L’Chaim Shidduch Meeting

    Hostess/Leader Should Prepare the Following:

    • Sefer Tehillim and a Siddur

    • Paper and Pens

    • Light Refreshments

    • “A Message from L’Chaim”

    • “Attendance Sheets”

    • “L’Chaim Shidduch Snapshot Form” – multiple copies (at least 2/attendee)

    • “How to Organize a Tehillim Group

    1. The meeting Leader should call upon one secretary to be responsible to record

    information given at the meeting. It may be handwritten or inputted directly into a

    computer. Label notes with: Date, Location, Age and Category of Meeting.

    2. Attendees should sign the Attendance Sheet – include emails

    3. One volunteer should lead the group in 1-2 Kapitluch of Tehilim. Suggestions:

    Verses 20 and 120. This should be followed by recitation of “Achenu Kol Bais

    Yisroel” (to be found in the Siddur before “Ashrei”)

    4. Presentation of Singles following the “L’Chaim Shidduch Snapshot” format.

    Names or initials of Singles should not be mentioned. As the presenter speaks,

    everyone should be encouraged to record all the information presented.

    Attendees should keep this as a reference to help others in the future, even

    though it may be irrelevant to the single that she had come to represent

    5. About an hour into the meeting, read “Message from L’Chaim”

    6. Resume presentation of singles

    7. Right before the meeting ends, remind the attendees to address additional

    questions to presenters after the meeting or by phone or email contact. If both

    sides agree that the Shidduch is a possibility, the names are released. The boy’s

    side should be contacted first, and then the Shidduch may proceed.

    8. A copy of Attendance Sheets, along with notes of the meeting, should be emailed

    to: or mailed to: B. Gross,2 Bartlett Road, Monsey,

    NY 10952

    9. In order for us to share the ‘nachas’ of your successful shidduchim, please

    contact us at:, call 845-352-0373, or mail to:

    L’Chaim Shidduch Organization, 241 Viola Road, Monsey, NY 10952

L'Chaim Shidduch Organization was established 30 years ago and continues to facilitate the bringing together of  compatible Orthodox Jewish singles. Our focus and end goal is the building of Jewish families.