Shidduch Successes

L'Chaim is happy to share with you but a small sampling of some of our past and present successes – some unique and of special interest, others quite typical – but all important and valued links in the chain of generations of Klal Yisroel.

The mother of a very bright hearing impaired young man met our Shadchan through the Directory. The Shadchan suggested a young lady with a similar disability but the mother rejected it and said, Thank you but the Shidduch has already been mentioned several times. To which the Shadchan responded, Well, maybe Hashem is trying to send you a message. Upon returning home, the mother noticed a copy of Rabbi Frand's book, Listen to Your Messages. A spark was ignited and the message registered. Today, about a decade later, the women is a Bobby of several healthy, well-adjusted grandchildren growing up in a house filled with Simcha where the parents are able to relate to each other and to their family and friends on many different levels.

As a result of their recent monthly meetings between the Three Weeks and Chanukah, this dynamic group has made 2 shidduchim. The first shidduch had been proposed a year ago, but no one implemented it at the time. The group keeps notes of the singles presented at the monthly meeting. One industrious lady decided to review past resumes and notes. She came up with the same idea, which she promptly acted upon. The marriage was celebrated before Chanukah. The second Shidduch occurred when an aunt-in-law of the hostess came to the meeting on behalf of her never-married 47 year old sister. One of the attendees presented a divorced father of three. IYH, the chasanah will take place after Chanukah. NOTE: This wonderful group, led by 3 dedicated women, meets religiously every month at the same home. They are conscientious about about keeping and updating their list of over 300 women and 150 men. They deal mainly with Dati Leumi but are open to all others. Out of the 22 shidduch meetings that have taken place thus far, 5 Shidduchim have been made. They are so well known that many women from surrounding communities, as far as Yerushalyim, make it a point of attending. Kol HaKavod!!!

Two women, from different states, who had never met came to the Greater New York area to each celebrate the birth of a grandchild. With some time on their hands, they both decided to attend a local shidduch meeting in that community. One woman who has been a devoted member of L'Chaim for many years presented her idealistic son who was interested in dedicating his life to Klal work. The other woman presented her niece who had grown up in a home, outside the US, that was also dedicated to Klal work. Several children later, KIH, the couple is doing spectacular work in their new community, where they also benefit from the expertise and know-how of her father. The ecstatic mother of the boy gratefully declared, What a perfect Shidduch done by L'Chaim. It's a win-win on all accounts.

A husband noticed an ad for a local Shidduch meeting in New Jersey . He immediately thought of his two older, single brothers and asked his wife to attend that evening. His wife readily agreed to the suggestion, though she was due to give birth momentarily. By the time she made a Pidyon HaBen for her son, one brother-in-law had become a chosson! This young woman was so inspired that she chose to join the ranks of L'Chaim Shadchanim. Within the past 18 months alone, she has made 6 shidduchim.

A father who had lost his life while trying to rescue a neighbor's child during a storm must have been continuing his great work from Shamayim on behalf of his daughter who needed a shidduch. Midah k'neged Midah' – a L'Chaim shadchan was zoche to make his daughter's shidduch and bring great simcha to the Mishpacha.

A girl had a unique medical situation. A Shadchan did research on her behalf with the intention of making a shidduch. After several months, the Shadchan learned that a classmate of that young lady had a similar situation. With the mothers' consent, they decided to share their stories. The mothers made up, You daven for my daughter and I will daven for yours. Fast forward one year: The two mothers met in a store. One pulled the other to the side and excitedly exclaimed, BH, we will be making a L'Chaim tonight, whereupon the other mother replied, MazalTov . Unbelievably, so will we!

A woman with Spina Bifida, was introduced by a phenominal L'Chaim Shaddchan to a man who had become severely disabled as a result of an accident. BH, they are sharing much Yiddisha nachas from their children.

Two young people with similar medical issues came from countries where the cultures and languages were different. They were read to one another. Interestingly enough, the girl's parents had always spoken to her in a language different from that of her native country. It turns out that this language enabled her to communicate with the young man who would become her husband and knew only that one language.

A Shadchan who has been actively and successfully working through L'Chaim for the past 20 years has also been on the networking directory for quite awhile. She recently made another 3 shidduchim – one, a 19 year old Bais Yaakov girl to a 24 year old boy learning in the same community. The others involve two FFB young ladies and BT young men


1. The shadchan was contacted by a professional from another country who was a middle aged alman' with one child. She thought of her close friend with two children and called the man to say, Jump on the next plane and come meet your perfect match. She heard the hesitation in his voice and said, If this doesn't work, don't worry. I promise you that I will find you many other potential dates. Within an hour of meeting the lady, the man called the Shadchan and said, Everything you said about this woman is true " not a word more and not a word less. Needless to say, they are already happily married.

2. A girl was presented for the Shadchan's son, but the shidduch was not a match. The Shadchan contacted her son's friend, convinced him to go out with her, and in no time they were a Shidduch!

Three years ago a Lubavitcher lady was trained by L'Chaim to run shidduch meetings. Since then, she and her committed group have been running meetings consistently in Flatbush. They have made or been involved in an astounding 150 Shidduchim to date!

WORLD RECORD: L'Chaim has made the sixth shidduch for one very grateful Monsey family. Three were made through Shidduch meetings and the other three through the L'Chaim Networking Directory of Volunteer Shadchanim. The favor was repaid when the mother of the happy couples made a shidduch for the child of a woman who attended her first shidduch meeting.

AS RELATED AT A YERUSHALAYIM SHIDDUCH MEETING: Two ladies met in the parking lot of a school on their way into a Shidduch meeting. One lady said she was coming for her son whom she described, while the other replied, "He sounds right for my daughter!" Before the Shidduch meeting got underway, the Match was Made!!

WHEN YOU HELP OTHERS, YOU HELP BOTH YOURSELF AND OTHERS: A Brooklyn lady ran her first Shidduch meeting and was pleasantly surprised with the instant gratification – a well suited shidduch for her son. Spurrred on by this success, she signed up once again to host another one of the L'Chaim Bi-Annual Global Community Shidduch Meetings. As her only means of advertising, she put "tzetluch (notices)" on lampposts notifying all that this meeting would be for the physically challenged. With only 4 people in attendance, they soon exhausted the number of people presented. A young lady who had earlier caught sight of a notice, rushed in after having hastily dropped her baby off at her mother's. She presented her physically challenged brother, and one year later he got married to the child of a friend of an attendee there that day.

ONCE AGAIN: A highly motivated shadchan who has, B"H, made an untold number of unconventional Shidduchim has done it again! She introduced a single male from a typical Ba'al Teshuvah background to a young lady of mixed heritage who had chosen to become religious an early age. Two cultures came together in a beautiful way through this Shadchan with the vision to see the potential.

RIPPLE EFFECT: A divorced Kohain had initially discounted any Ba'alei Teshuva presented to him. Through a Shidduch meeting he nevertheless consented to meet a BT. Although he didn't marry her, he was so impressed by her fine qualities that he was now open to marrying a BT – which he did!

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? A divorced mother of four presented herself at a meeting for "Second-time Singles." Little did she realize that sitting there in that very same room, with another 80 ladies was her mother-in-law to be. Although the two had been working at the same place for the past 10 years, the older woman never knew that her co-worker was divorced. The day after the meeting, the older woman approached this young mother at the school and sugested her Chassidish divorced son, a father of two, as a potential mate for this Litvish lady. They overcame their different backgrounds and are living together in harmony with their blended families.

A woman's brother was ‘read' a shidduch, but nothing was done about it. When this woman attended a Lakewood meeting, the same young lady was again mentioned as a potential candidate. This time the sister picked up on it. The idea of the Shidduch was revivied and became a reality.

At a follow-up meeting for the leaders of Shidduch meetings that are held concurrently in the various developments around Lakewood, names and info presented are shared and faxes are also received. One lady heard information about a faxed in candidate and was successful in bring about a shidduch.

THE "WRONG" MEETING? A Shidduch meeting targeting the Chassidish/Heimishe was in full swing. A Litvish woman had misread the ad, thinking she was about to attend a meeting for Working/Kovea Itim. She entered the home, took one look at the attendees, excused herself, and was about to leave. Several ladies asker that she stay, saying, "You never know; maybe we can help each other." Turns out she was thrilled she decided to stay. A Chassidish lady presented her daughter who wanted to marry a fine Litvish young man. Before long, both families danced in a spirit of achdus at a lively chasunah.

A TRAINING SESSION IN LONDON SPAWNS SHIDDUCH MEETINGS ON THE CONTINENT: A few years ago an active L'Chaim member was invited to run a model Shidduch meeting in Golders Green. Though the organizers were concerned that there would be little interest, an overflow crowd of over 200 ladies steadily streamed in, filling the room. As an outcome, Shdidduch meetings began springing up throughout Europe. The following is but a sample of some of the successful results:

1. A member of the London group was approached to find a Shidduch for a young man from another European country. His mother had been networking on behalf of her son for six years. In no time at all, the mother's Tefilos were answered, B"H.

2. A mother in Belgium encouraged her older daughter to begin organizing Shidduch meetings. Who would have guessed that three years later at a shidduch meeting hosted by this daughter, a shidduch for her younger sister would be found? The grandparents, siblings and parents were zoche to celebrate together at the recent Pidyon HaBen of the couple's new baby.

A blind woman and her physically challenged husband were blessed with children. Following his Petirah, the grieving mother felt lost. A L'Chaim Shadchan came to the rescue. She paired the woman with a physically challenged man, who with his exuberance for mitzvahs and zest for life helped her complete the job of raising the children. Together they shared much simcha as they married them off .

RELOCATED and RECOMMENDED: Several shadchanim who made aliyah renewed their dedication to the cause:

1. A shadchan in Netanya has made 6 shidduchim to date. Three of the couples he introduced were all members of her new shul. Most recent was a very happy shidduch between a 72 year old gentleman from Iraq and a 69 year old European lady.

2. A dynamic leader of Shidduch meetings in Great Neck moved to Givat Shmuel, Israel, where she runs monthly meetings. Among her recent accomplishments are 2 shidduchim between women in their high 30's and men in their high 40's. One couple has been blessed with their first child, while the other is eagerly anticipating the birth of theirs.

3. Most recently the Givat Shmuel group, attended by residents of other neighborhoods, made a shidduch between a medical student and a student of economics. The upcoming chasunah is scheduled, IY"H, after the Yomim Tovim.

THE CASE OF THE MYSTERY SHADCHAN: Most attendees of shidduch meetings write notes so that they can later refer to them when setting up a shidduch. This shadchan was no different. At a meeting where a mother presented her son, this shadchan jotted down the name of a girl she had thought of on the spot as appropriate for this young man. The shadchan "accidentally" dropped this page of notes as she left the meeting. The mother of the boy "happened" to pick up the dropped page. She checked out the girl, liked what she heard, and followed through on the suggestion. To this day, the identity of the shadchan of this very happy couple still remains a mystery. As a show of Hakoras HaTov, the grateful young married lady attends shidduch meetings regularly in an effort to help others.

B'H' This is yet another success resulting from our Bi-Annual Global Shidduch Event in the month of Shevat. Despite her reservations as to whether Shidduch meetings actually work, a first time attendee of Monsey meetings came on behalf of the many singles she knows. After a sister presented her brother from Brooklyn, a long-term learner, the attendee thought of her first cousin's daughter living in Monsey. That very night the Shadchan set the meeting in motion. Many of us are looking forward, B'E'H', to participating in the June wedding.

A very caring middle aged single woman convinced a man in his fifties to take out a middle aged lady. At the last moment he cancelled the date because he claimed she was "too old". The Shadchan felt terrible for the female single so she went through the L'Chaim Networking Directory until she learned of another promising prospect. Within a couple of months of dating, the couple got married. A few short months later, the woman who had previously been declared "too old", called up to report great news! She was pregnant. Oops – make that "double" great news – twin boys were soon born to the elated couple.

A regular attendee of Shidduch meetings entered a meeting a bit late just as a woman presented her step-daughter. The late attendee, familiar with the single, racked her brain to think of someone as warm and caring as she. A divorced Kohen and father in his mid-thirties came to mind and the shidduch, B'H' came about. On the day of the wedding there was a simcha all around – for the daughter of the Shadchan gave birth to a boy at the same time that the wedding was taking place.

A mother who had been diligently attending L'Chaim Shidduch meetings during the past six years in such places as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Englewood, Teaneck, Fairlawn and Far Rockaway, was finally rewarded for her unstinting efforts when she attended the Bi-Annual Global Shidduch Event in Monsey. She described her son and the mother of the girl, who later turned out to be his "bride", thought it would be of interest to her son. The two ladies asked a mutual friend to make this shidduch happen and the rest is history.

Whenever this lady has a child to marry off, she turns to the L'Chaim Networking Directory and perseveres in calling all relevant Shadchanim. If they say that they can't assist her, she asks them to aid her network and connect her with other potential Shadchanim. This method has helped her achieve a record for the L'ChaimDirectory – four Shidduchim in one family! This woman, in turn, recently had the privilege of facilitating a shidduch as a result of a meeting she attended.

A mother of a single son and daughter from New Jersey attended one of our Monsey Chodesh ShevatL'Chaim Shidduch meetings. The mother introduced both of her single children at the meeting and is now planning two weddings.

L'Chaim Israel recently announced the engagement of a 50 year old never-married male with a middle-aged divorcee with a child.

L'Chaim was blessed with a string of "seven" weeks in which the phone rang to report "seven" exciting Shidduchim in a row. The last in the row came about through "Made in Heaven" a branch of L'ChaimInternational in England which runs Shidduch meetings in such places as Golders Green, Henden and Stamford Hill. A woman came to a meeting on behalf of her own son. She heard of a girl who did not sound quite right for her son but perfect for her friend's son and B'H', she was right!The above are but a small sample of the numerous shidduchim facillitated by the efforts of L'Chaim members through our various programs. A tremendous "Yasher Koach" to the dedicated shadchanim throughout the globe for their selfless efforts.Looking forward, IY"H, to sharing many more simchas and success stories with you.

L'Chaim Shidduch Organization was established 30 years ago and continues to facilitate the bringing together of  compatible Orthodox Jewish singles. Our focus and end goal is the building of Jewish families.